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La Patisserie Francaise by Pierre Marie

Today I would like to show you one of the two scarves I selected from Hermes Fall Winter 2019 collection. Those of you who follow me on Instagram have already seen the first one – classically beautiful Bolduc au Carre. The second one is eye catching and absolutely delicious La Patisserie Francaise, cw 14, in black/orange/multicolour. The scarf was designed by Pierre Marie, the artist who created so many well know Hermes designs, such as Les trésors d’un Artiste, Madame Cuir, Laboratoire du Temps, etc. It is said that Pierre Marie’s idea for La Patisserie Francaise came from the pages…

Animapolis by Jan Bajtlik

It’s been a long time since my last post and a lot has happened. I have become a mother to a wonderful baby girl born in February. She and her older brother and sister have been filling my time since then. Despite being a busy parent, I have been keeping an eye on the latest Hermes SS2019 collection of scarves. This season two designs have drawn my attention – Animapolis and another one which I will reveal soon. Having been torn between a couple of CWs of Animapolis, I finally decided on the bright and cheerful Yellow/Green/Pink, CW 1.  Animapolis…

La Prairie Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Dry Oil

Hi, It’s been a long time since my last post on this blog, which depends on the changing family situation. I am expecting a baby and had plenty of things to arrange before it’s arrival. Now, when everything seems to be ready, I am back and blogging. The initial thought behind this blog was to dedicate it purely to Hermes. But do I really have to limit myself to Hermes? There are so many great brands out there which I absolutely adore. One of such brands is La Prairie, the world’s most luxurious skincare brand. For almost 15 years I had been a…

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La Serpentine de Pierre Charpin

This season it didn’t take me long to find my favourite scarf. When I saw the elegant Le Serpentine de Pierre Charpin in black/rose/white, cw 15, on my friend’s Instagram, I fell for it straight away. For a long time I had been looking for a neutral classic scarf which would work with most of my office outfits and finally I found it. I have to admit it had been quite a challenge finding the scarf in Hermes stores, as very few stores seem to have ordered it. Once I saw it on Hermes website I clicked it home immediately. The…

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Jaguar Quetzal by Alice Shirley

The second scarf (out of three) I have chosen this season is the gorgeous Jaguar Quetzal by Alice Shirley. This wonderful creation in vibrant green/pink/camel colours, cw 01 without any doubt will be my ultimate accessory this summer. When creating this design Alice Shirley was inspired by the “jaguar warriors” of the pre-Columbian Aztec civilisation. The big cat is wearing a headdress, which is loosely inspired by the famous Penacho conserved in the Museum of Ethnology in Vienna. Made of feathers and semi-precious stones, this enormous headdress owes its beauty to the brilliance of more than 400 quetzal feathers. The quetzal is a…

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Le Grand Prix du Faubourg by Ugo Gattoni

This season I had no difficulties choosing my favorite scarf. As many of you already know from my Instagram account I have chosen Le Grand Prix du Faubourg by Ugo Gattoni, cw 08 in orange/blue/white. I fell totally in love with the fun and dynamic design of the scarf, which is so different from the other designs I own. This is the first design in my Hermes collection by Ugo Gattoni but definitely not the last one. The design is perfectly described on – “An oneiric race through a phantasmagorical Faubourg” captures the spirit of the design. An fanciful profusion from which emerge…

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Jardin a Sintra by Annie Faivre

It’s been a long time since my last post and I am sorry for the wait. Even if I am not very active here on the blog, I try to update my Instagram page more regularly. If you haven’t visited it yet, I invite you to do it. You can find my Instagram account by clicking here. As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, I bought two scarves during my latest trip to London. The first one is Into the Canadian Wild, which I have already shown to you. The second one is Jardin a Sintra by Annie Faivre….

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Postcard from London and my new Hermes scarf

I made a short trip to London for a couple of weeks ago to visit a very good friend of mine living there. Even though I had only four days to enjoy this fantastic city, I managed to visit a number of must-see London attractions. Unfortunately, the weather was not on my side – clouds, clouds and even more clouds… and sometimes rain! Despite the weather, I managed to take some nice pictures to share with you. My travel experience would not be complete without a visit  to an Hermes store. I had a couple of designs on my mind, which I wanted…

Les trésors d'un Artiste, Les tresors d'un Artiste, Pierre Marie, Hermes scarf, carre, knot, knotting, tutorial, hermes carre, Hermes Schal, эрмес, платок, карре, как красиво завязать платок, how to wear a scarf

Les trésors d’un Artiste by Pierre Marie

I am very happy to share with you the pictures of my first Hermes scarf from the Fall 2017 collection –  Les trésors d’un Artiste by the famous designer Pierre Marie. After trying a number of different colour ways my choice has fallen on the colour way 16 in vibrant beige/red/green. I find this colour way to be very versatile and easy to match with my other wardrobe pieces. The beige background of the scarf is so incredibly pretty and will go well with so many different classic colours. Just a few words about the history of the design. According…

Hermes enamel bracelets

It has been a long time since my last post, I know. Now I have finally time to share with you some pictures of my latest passion – Hermes enamel bracelets! The Hermes enamel bracelet is an iconic jewelry in the fashion world and you can often see celebrities wearing them. The bracelets are elegant, timeless, and instantly make a statement. The enamel bracelets come in three different thicknesses. Narrow, wide and extra wide. Since I have a small wrist, I decided to go for the narrow model called Hermes Clic H. Hermes has been producing the enamel bracelets in very many years, releasing each season some new colors. The…

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Parures de Samurais by Aline Honore

The Parures de Samurais was designed by the famous Aline Honore for the house of Hermes. Pelages et Camouflage, Au Coeur de la Vie, Cent Plis des Miao are some of the designs created by this talented designer. Aline Honore’s designs are always very popular and I will not be surprised if even Parures de Samurais will get the grail status in the future. As described on the website of Hermes, the Parures de Samurais design was inspired by the samurai warriors of medieval Japan who had richly ornamented armour. Fourteen such elements from the 14th to the 18th century can be found in this composition designed by Aline Honore. At…

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Carre en Boucles by Virginie Jamin

Today I would like to share the details of my new Carre en Boucles pocket square by Virginie Jamin. The pocket square is from the SS 2017 collection, cw 16 in orange/ivory/green. Enjoy! Hermes windows at Sloane street in London. The look inspired by the window displays… Have a lovely weekend everyone!

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On a Summer Day by Nigel Peake

Today I would like to show you some modeling pictures of my new On a Summer Day scarf designed by the famous illustrator and architect by training Nigel Peake. This scarf is from the Spring Summer 2017 collection. When I saw the first pictures of this design on I knew it had to be mine. The design is very modern and fresh. It comes in several vibrant Spring colors. I have tried a number of different color ways but the color way nr 16 in red/white/multicolor was the one which worked best with my complexion. As described on the website of Hermes,…

Etude pour un Iris Arc-en-ciel

Etude pour un Iris Arc-en-ciel by Benoit Pierre Emery

This time it did not take me long to choose my favorite scarf from the Hermes Spring/Summer 2017 collection. The moment I saw the lovely Etude pour un Iris Arc-en-ciel I knew it had to be mine. The vibrant and cheerful colors of cw nr 13 (red/pink/turquoise) are just perfect for Spring. Also, I am a colorful person and, in some way, these colors describe my personality and character. I feel very comfortable wearing this scarf. Etude pour un Iris Arc-en-ciel was designed by Benoit Pierre Emery. It depicts three irises and a peony, coming together in a delicate combination. In Greek mythology, Iris is the personification…

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Wearing Hermes scarf as a belt

Hermes scarves are versatile and can be worn in very many different ways – from fancy knots to wearing it as a headband (for a how-to click here). Don’t be afraid to experiment! Below you are some ideas for wearing your Hermes scarf as a belt. I hope you find the pictures inspiring. Thank you to Jan, the owner of the online store, for the beautiful scarf rings. Have a wonderful the third Sunday of Advent everyone!

La Comedie Italienne, Philippe Ledoux, grail scarf, Hermes scarf, carre, knot, knotting, tutorial, hermes carre, Hermes Schal, эрмес, платок, карре, как красиво завязать платок, how to wear a scarf

La Comedie Italienne by Philippe Ledoux

La Comedie Italienne by Philippe Ledoux has always been one of the most sought-after designs for me. It is a very rare scarf from Hermes and is considered being grail by many scarf collectors. The scarf is made of beautiful jacquard silk with a pretty guitar pattern, a material which is rarely used by Hermes. It was first issued in 1962 and reissued in 1993. The details of La Comedie Italienne are very rich but at the same time very feminine and delicate, depicting the scenes from Commedia dell’arte, a type of comedie developed in 16th and 17thcentury in Italy. La Comedie Italienne is available in two different…

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The Autumn Looks

Autumn is a dark and rainy season in Sweden. In those rare moments, when the weather gets better one realize how exceptionally beautiful the Swedish nature is with its bright colors and warm shades. The beautiful Swedish nature is also a great source of inspiration for me when it comes to choice of colors for my outfits. Autumn is also an excellent opportunity to wear elegant hats, cosy cashmere sweaters and colorful coats.  The outfits below were inspired by the beauty of the Swedish Autumn with grey, blue, khaki, black, beige, yellow and brown as dominant colors. I hope you enjoy the looks.  Have a cosy Autumn weekend everyone!

Chemins de Corail, Annie Faivre, Hermes scarf, carre, knot, knotting, tutorial, hermes carre, Hermes Schal, эрмес, платок, карре, как красиво завязать платок, how to wear a scarf

Chemins de Corail by Annie Faivre

I am very happy to share some pictures of my new Hermes scarf Chemins de Corail from the Fall/Winter 2016 collection. The scarf was designed by Annie Faivre and translates from French as “Coral Paths”. The Chemins de Corail scarf is absolutely adorable in bright orange, emerald and golden yellow colors (Hermes reference number H002207S 15). Even though this scarf comes from the Fall/Winter collection, in my view it can be worn any season of the year. According to when working with this design Annie Faivre was inspired by her childhood memories from Africa, which is known for its beautiful, diverse coral reefs. Corals are the…

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Les Tuileries Scarf by Joachim Metz

Hermes Les Tuileries scarf is another favorite scarf of mine in white, emerald green and gold. It was designed by Joachim Metz in 1990 and reissued in 1996. Named after the famous Tuileries Gardens in Paris, this beautiful design features Mercury riding a winged horse in the center with swirling gold detailing of ropes and tassels. Les Tuileries is a stunning piece, which ties like a dream. Below I invite you to see some beautiful looks I created using my Les Tuileries scarf.          

Napoleon, philippe ledoux, Hermes scarf, carre, knot, knotting, tutorial, hermes carre, Hermes Schal, эрмес, платок, карре, как красиво завязать платок, how to wear a scarf

My Vintage Hermès Napoleon Scarf

Today I would like to share with you some pictures of my gorgeous Hermes Napoleon scarf, which I was lucky to find at This beautiful scarf was designed by the famous Philippe Ledoux and reissued a number of times due to its enormous popularity. It is a bee jacquard scarf paying homage to Napoleon Bonaparte. Most people are enthralled by the extraordinary level of detail in this famous scarf. The four medallions in the corners of the scarf, beautifully framed by a laurel wreath, represent the two most significant dates during the Napoleonic age – his coronation on December 2, 1804 and his…

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My Vintage Hermes Musée Scarf

The vintage Hermes Musée scarf is the latest addition to my growing scarf collection. It was designed by the legendary Philippe Ledoux and first issued in 1962. The scarf features different nautical themed items and is beautifully framed by ropes and chains. It is set against a gorgeous crispy white background. Once I saw this scarf on I knew I needed it. Some beautiful details of my Vintage Hermes Musée scarf.

Hermes Au Pays des Oiseaux Fleurs

The Au Pays des Oiseaux Fleurs gavroche designed by Christine Henry is the latest addition to my Hermes collection. It is a beautiful design inspired by the interconnections between flora and fauna. In the bright navy, red and orange color way it is a perfect piece of accessory for the Indian summer. Below you will find some ideas for putting together an elegant outfit with the Hermes Au Pays des Oiseaux Fleurs gavroche. And what is your favorite way of wearing a gavroche?

Hermes scarf, Grand Apparat, regate scarf ring, knot, knotting, tutorial, hermes carre, Hermes Schal, эрмес, платок, карре, как красиво завязать платок, how to wear a scarf

Hermes Regate Scarf Ring

This time I would like to show you some different ways to tie an Hermes scarf using the Regate scarf ring. The Regate scarf ring is the most versatile scarf ring in my collection and is definitely the most favorite one.  This scarf ring is truly amazing and can be used with different scarf sizes. Below you will find some ideas on how to use your Hermes Regate scarf ring to create different looks. Le Bal Masque 70 cm vintage scarf tied with the Regate scarf ring. Wearing the Regate scarf ring with the Hermes Dans un Jardin Anglais 90 cm scarf. It is also pretty…

Hermes scarf, Zénobie, Reine de Palmyre, knot, knotting, tutorial, hermes carre, Hermes Schal, эрмес, платок, карре, как красиво завязать платок, how to wear a scarf

Neutral Outfits

This time I would like to show you two neutral outfits using one of the most neutral scarves in my closet – Hermes Zenobie, Reine de Palmyre in pearl gray, green and beige. Even though I do not wear neutral colors often, the design and the color way were too pretty to resist. Wearing Hermes Zenobie, Reine de Palmyre as pony tail holder. Neutrals are an important part of any woman’s closet since they are always appropriate. Wearing neutrals is also the easiest way to look elegant without looking overdressed. My Chloe Marcie mini in pearl grey matches perfectly with my neutral outfit. Neutrals are very easy to…

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Summer look

One of the things I like most about Sweden is it’s powerful nature. In summer the landscapes are lush green, the nights are light. In the northern part of Sweden, not far away from where I live, the sun never sets. Swedes love nature and to spend their time outside. And it is not surprising, since more than half of the country is covered by forests and lakes. The looks below were inspired by the summer landscapes of Sweden, when green, brown, yellow and white are predominant colors. The lovely colors of my Hermes Bride de Cour scarf matches perfectly with the beautiful colors of the Swedish…

Hermes, scarf, maxi twilly, Brazil, how to wear a maxi twilly, knotting, knots, макси твилли, Эрмес

Hermes Brazil Maxi Twilly

It is hard to find a scarf which would be as versatile as an Hermes Maxi Twilly! The generous size of it, beautiful colors and designs make this scarf a must in any fashionista’s wardrobe. I own three Maxi Twillies – two in the Brazil design (a classic black/khaki/gold one and a bright red/purple/green one) and the third one in the Brides de Gala design in duck/navy/steel grey – and I simply love all of  them. Maxi Twilly is a very special scarf, which is extremely easy to use and absolutely gorgeous. There is such a great variety of ways to wear it – as a headband, as a stylish…

Maison Michel, Virginie, straw hat, wild flowers, шляпа Maison Michel, MM

My Italian Look

Italy has long been one of my family’s favorite travel destinations and there are several reasons for that. It is such a beautiful country with wonderfully kind people. Whenever we visit Italy we feel welcome and at home. Italy is a great food destination, where every dish seems to be made with time and passion. Italy is also a great style destination. In a country where police uniforms are designed by the famous Armani brand, one shall not be surprised that the art of dressing is taken very seriously. Unfortunately this year my family will not be able to travel to Italy. That…

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Elegant Purple

This week has been a lot about purple color. As I have already told my Instagram friends, I received a wonderful gift from a friend of mine in Norway – a nail polish in Mauve Naif by Yves Saint Laurent. This shade nr 16 has been sold out in Sweden since a long time and I was so incredibly happy to receive it as a gift. I will be wearing this nail polish with pleasure and think about my beautiful friend Ilona, who was so kind to find this beautiful shade for me! I was surprised to discover how well this nail polish matched with some of my Hermes scarves. On…

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Swedish Strawberry Cream Cake

Strawberry cream cake is a very popular dessert in Sweden and is a must for any summer holiday. Below you will find a recipe of the cake. Happy baking! Swedish Strawberry Cream Cake Tablespoon = T Teaspoon = t Cake:  4 eggs 2 dl sugar 0,5 Tsp butter 1 tsp baking powder 1 dl wheat flour 1 dl potato flour 1,5 Tsp breadcrumbs 1 round baking pan with detachable edge, 24 cm in diameter. Custard: 0.5 vanilla pod 3 Tsp sugar 3 Tsp corn starch 3 egg yolks 4 dl milk Topping:  cream strawberries sugar Jelly: 1,25 dl water 4 gelatin sheets 0.75 dl strawberry juice 1. Preheat the oven to 175…

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Hermes Cannes et Pommeaux by Françoise de la Perriere

On June 6 was the National Day of Sweden, which is one of the holidays Swedes like to celebrate the most. Many festivities were arranged that day around the country including festivals, music and folk dance. Since yellow and blue are the colors of the Swedish flag, that day I wanted my outfit to match the national colors. As you remember, I have already a stunning blue/golden yellow/mauve Hermes Cheval Surprise Remix by Dimitri Rybaltchenko. To my great pleasure, Hermes had some other scarves in the yellow and blue. This time my choice fell on two lovely 70 cm scarves Cannes et Pommeaux designed by Francoise de la…

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Hermes Bow Tie for Women

The latest addition to my growing collection of Hermes accessories is the sweet Collections Imperiales bow tie. This is the first bow tie in my wardrobe as I always considered this accessory being the one for males. The Hermes bow ties come in a number of designs, but my favorite one is Collections Imperiales.The Collections Imperiales, designed by Catherine Baschet, is produced in association with the Musee des Arts Decoratifs and inspired by the enamel designs of China’s Ming and Qing dynasties. The design is very colorful and looks fabulous with a crisp white shirt for an elegant look. You can also wear the Hermes bow tie on your wrist…

Une Rose, Frederic Malle, fragrance, духи, Фредрик Малль, Роза

Une Rose by Frederic Malle

Yesterday was the Mother’s Day in Sweden. Normally we do not celebrate this holiday in our family but this time we made a small exception. My husband and children surprised me with a small unexpected present – a perfume Une Rose by Frederic Malle. If you are looking for a true fragrance of roses, you definitely need to try Une Rose. When I wear this fragrance I feel as if I am walking around in a beautiful rose garden after a rain when the ground underneath is still damp. The roses are very realistic, tender, delicate with the drops of rain on the leaves. The fragrance composition includes the notes…

Hermes Panthera Pardus, Robert Dallet, carre, scarf, knotting, howtowearascarf, Эрмес, платок, карре, пантера пардус, как красиво завязать платок

Hermes Panthera Pardus by Robert Dallet

The minute I saw this gavroche on the Hermes website I knew it had to be mine. The Panthera Pardus design is available in three different sizes and comes in a solid variety of color ways. I have chosen the gavroche (pocket square) size of the design in cream/brown/ green colors which matches perfectly with my other wardrobe pieces and works very well with my skin, eye and hair colors. Wearing Hermes Panthera Pardus with a brown top in a basic slide knot. Wearing the same gavroche with a cream top and in a cowboy knot. I was very surprised to see how beautifully this gavroche matched with…

Hermes, Cheval Surprise Remix, Dimitri Rybaltchenko, carre, scarf, knotting, howtowearascarf, Эрмес, платок, карре, Рыбальченко, как красиво завязать платок

Hermes Cheval Surprise Remix by Dimitri Rybaltchenko

This season it took some time for me to decide which Hermes scarf to choose, since there were so many beautiful designs presented. Finally, I fell for Cheval Surprise Remix in blue, golden yellow and mauve designed by Dimitri Rybaltchenko. When I tried this scarf on, it made my face light up with delight. I simply loved how the blue and mauve shades of the scarf were in harmony with my hair and skin tone. Dimitri Rybaltchenko is the son of Vladimir Rybaltchenko, and the great-grandnephew of Philippe Ledoux. All renowned Hermes artists. The grandfather of Dimitri was born in Kiev, but moved to France in early 1900s, a few years after…

Hermes, Pelages et Camouflage, Aline Honore, how to wear a scarf, knots, knotting, tips, carre, Эрмес, платок, карре, Алин Онорэ, как красиво завязать платок

My First Hermes Scarf – Pelages et Camouflage by Aline Honore

Pelages et Camouflage is the first Hermes scarf I bought. I remember looking through different designs and color ways trying to choose the one which would work well with my wardrobe colors, as well as skin tone, hair and eye colors. Finally, after much deliberation, I chose this beautiful design Pelages et Camouflage in red, violet and brown designed by the famous Hermes designer Aline Honore. As it is seen on the pictures below, the design Pelages et Camouflage (translated to English as Furs and Camouflage) features a patchwork of animal skins framed by beads of pearls. It is one of many beautiful designs created by Aline…

Hermes, Bateau Fleuri, pochette, gavroche, little gaucho knot, эрмес, платок, карре, как красиво завязать платок

The Bateau Fleuri gavroche by Hermes

If you could only imagine how much I like the Bateau Fleuri gavroche in turquoise/marine/lavande. When I first saw the design in this color way, I knew it had to be mine. I love so much about this gavroche, especially how the blues really pop. I think this color way looks particularly beautiful paired with a white crisp shirt, like on the pictures below. Wearing the Bateau Fleuri gavroche tied in a little gaucho knot. The same gavroche in a double twist knot. The Bateau Fleuri gavroche tied in a cowboy knot. The gavroche seems to match perfectly my blue Hydrangea….

Hermes, Hermessence, muguet-porcelaine, духи, ландыш, эрмес

Muguet Porcelaine

Last week I received a small present from a friend of mine in the UK. The new Hermessence fragrance was waiting for me in the orange box. Muguet Porcelaine is the latest addition to the Hermessence family. It is a luminous, green, floral fragrance with a very true scent of the lily of the valley flower.  I own two other lily of the valley fragrances: Diorissimo from Dior and Lily of the Valley from Penhaligon’s. None of these fragrances is that close to the real scent of the lilies of the valley than Muguet Porcelaine. The fragrance is subtle, elegant, feminine and fresh. Muguet Porcelaine…

Hermes scarf, headband, carre cube, how-to, tutorial, Hermes Schal, эрмес, платок, карре, как красиво завязать платок

Twisted headband‏

I was asked by some of my Instagram followers to show how I do the twisted headband. Here is a short description of the method. 1. Fold your scarf into a basic fold. 2. Place the scarf under your hair. 3. Slide the ends through a scarf ring on top of your head. 4. Secure the ends of the scarf into a knot under your hair. 5. And voila, here you have it. You can also make the headband without using a scarf ring. In step 3 simply twist the ends of the scarf on top of your head and…

Maison Michel, Henrietta, camel, hat, Burberry coat, beige, шляпа, Мэзон Мишель, пальто Барберри

Maison Michel’s Henrietta in light camel

I am absolutely in love with my new Maison Michel hat in light camel color. The color is very versatile and goes well with blue, black, green or beige. The hat suits perfectly to my spring outfit inspired by the beauty of the awakening Swedish nature, wearing the most beautiful colors. Maison Michel’s light camel Henrietta hat will bring a classically elegant touch to any springtime outfit. My Burberry bag in the stunning shade of green so beautifully matched my spring ensemble.

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How to wear a Hermes scarf on your head‏‏

The lovely spring days are just around the corner and it is time to pack away your winter hats and try an alternative way of styling for your head. A scarf in this sense has a number of advantages: it keeps your head warm, it is a fashionable, beautiful and feminine accessory, and, last, it protects your hair from the harmful UV-rays. The styling options presented below do not require an ultra-fashionable scarf. Even a less expensive option can be tied beautifully. I am lucky to have a small collection of Hermes scarves and on the pictures below I used one of them, Monsieur et Madame…

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My Hermes spring scarf

The weather in Sweden is getting warmer and I can feel spring around the corner. I long so much to stroll around with my little ones in our neighborhood on a sunny spring day.  Nothing reminds me so much of spring as one of my favorite Hermes scarves La Legende Du Poisson Corail – a stunning beauty in soft blue, yellow and green colors. This particular color combination makes me think of blooming spring flowers, new grass and a warm breeze. La Legende Du Poisson Corail is one of my first Hermes scarves and one of my most loved ones. I received the scarf as a…

Easter decorations

In our family we like to celebrate Easter. This holiday is the time for getting together with our relatives and closest friends. We are not a religious family, but Easter for us represent the end of winter, which can be very long in Sweden.    The main Easter tradition in Sweden is to decorate the birch twigs with brightly colored feathers. This year I decorated the twigs with feathers and porcelain eggs from the well-known Danish brand Royal Copenhagen.   Painted eggs are a must-have at Easter in Sweden. My son, 4 years old, looked very much forward to helping me with…

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Hermes shawl and Maison Michel hat

The weather in Sweden has been rather warm during the passed two days so we took a chance and went out for a long walk around a lake near our home. That was also an opportunity for me to wear my new Hermes cashmere shawl, which went very well with my navy Maison Michel Henrietta hat. I am a great fan of this fashion brand and own three hats designed by Maison Michel. The brand was founded in 1936 and is now owned by Chanel. I get lots of compliments when I wear my Maison Michel hats. The hats created by this brand…

Cavalleria d’Etriers – my first cashmere shawl‏

Today I received my first cashmere shawl from Hermes and I feel so over the moon. I have always considered myself being a 90×90 girl and never planned for getting a cashmere shawl. After trying this fabulous Hermes shawl on, I am so glad I dared to step out of my comfort zone. Please welcome my new addition to the Hermes scarf collection – Cavalleria d’Etriers in violet/antique pink/red, cw 8. When I buy a new scarf I always try to choose the one in natural colors, the one which will be in harmony with my other wardrobe pieces. This shawl is definitely…