Cavalleria d’Etriers – my first cashmere shawl‏

Today I received my first cashmere shawl from Hermes and I feel so over the moon.


I have always considered myself being a 90×90 girl and never planned for getting a cashmere shawl. After trying this fabulous Hermes shawl on, I am so glad I dared to step out of my comfort zone. Please welcome my new addition to the Hermes scarf collection – Cavalleria d’Etriers in violet/antique pink/red, cw 8. When I buy a new scarf I always try to choose the one in natural colors, the one which will be in harmony with my other wardrobe pieces. This shawl is definitely in line with the rule.


This is such a beautiful and versatile shawl. It goes beautifully with beige, blue, black, white and even red.


I also love the design of Cavalleria d’Etriers. It is a composite of two different designs, Etriers from 1964 and Della Cavalleria from 2014. It is such an amazing shawl which allows you to wear it as two different shawls. To show just a certain part of the shawl, just fold it into a rectangular shape … and voilà – you have two shawls for the price of one!

Love, Irina.

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