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The Bateau Fleuri gavroche by Hermes

If you could only imagine how much I like the Bateau Fleuri gavroche in turquoise/marine/lavande. When I first saw the design in this color way, I knew it had to be mine. I love so much about this gavroche, especially how the blues really pop. I think this color way looks particularly beautiful paired with a white crisp shirt, like on the pictures below. Wearing the Bateau Fleuri gavroche tied in a little gaucho knot. The same gavroche in a double twist knot. The Bateau Fleuri gavroche tied in a cowboy knot. The gavroche seems to match perfectly my blue Hydrangea….

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Muguet Porcelaine

Last week I received a small present from a friend of mine in the UK. The new Hermessence fragrance was waiting for me in the orange box. Muguet Porcelaine is the latest addition to the Hermessence family. It is a luminous, green, floral fragrance with a very true scent of the lily of the valley flower.  I own two other lily of the valley fragrances: Diorissimo from Dior and Lily of the Valley from Penhaligon’s. None of these fragrances is that close to the real scent of the lilies of the valley than Muguet Porcelaine. The fragrance is subtle, elegant, feminine and fresh. Muguet Porcelaine…

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Twisted headband‏

I was asked by some of my Instagram followers to show how I do the twisted headband. Here is a short description of the method. 1. Fold your scarf into a basic fold. 2. Place the scarf under your hair. 3. Slide the ends through a scarf ring on top of your head. 4. Secure the ends of the scarf into a knot under your hair. 5. And voila, here you have it. You can also make the headband without using a scarf ring. In step 3 simply twist the ends of the scarf on top of your head and…

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Maison Michel’s Henrietta in light camel

I am absolutely in love with my new Maison Michel hat in light camel color. The color is very versatile and goes well with blue, black, green or beige. The hat suits perfectly to my spring outfit inspired by the beauty of the awakening Swedish nature, wearing the most beautiful colors. Maison Michel’s light camel Henrietta hat will bring a classically elegant touch to any springtime outfit. My Burberry bag in the stunning shade of green so beautifully matched my spring ensemble.

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How to wear a Hermes scarf on your head‏‏

The lovely spring days are just around the corner and it is time to pack away your winter hats and try an alternative way of styling for your head. A scarf in this sense has a number of advantages: it keeps your head warm, it is a fashionable, beautiful and feminine accessory, and, last, it protects your hair from the harmful UV-rays. The styling options presented below do not require an ultra-fashionable scarf. Even a less expensive option can be tied beautifully. I am lucky to have a small collection of Hermes scarves and on the pictures below I used one of them, Monsieur et Madame…