The Bateau Fleuri gavroche by Hermes

If you could only imagine how much I like the Bateau Fleuri gavroche in turquoise/marine/lavande. When I first saw the design in this color way, I knew it had to be mine. I love so much about this gavroche, especially how the blues really pop. I think this color way looks particularly beautiful paired with a white crisp shirt, like on the pictures below.

Wearing the Bateau Fleuri gavroche tied in a little gaucho knot.

Hermes, Bateau Fleuri, pochette, gavroche, little gaucho knot, эрмес, платок, карре, как красиво завязать платок

The same gavroche in a double twist knot.

Hermes, gavroche, Bateau Fleuri, pochette, double tour knot, carre, double gavroche twist knot, Hermes Schal, эрмес, платок, карре, как красиво завязать платок

The Bateau Fleuri gavroche tied in a cowboy knot.

Hermes, gavroche, Bateau Fleuri, Cowboy knot, pochette, Hermes Schal, эрмес, платок, карре, как красиво завязать платок

The gavroche seems to match perfectly my blue Hydrangea.

And how do you like to wear your Hermes scarves?

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


  1. Simone

    Good evening,

    your blog is just wonderful! I am Simone from Germany and I am also in love with Hermes scarves, especially the smaller 40×40 pochettes. I have these as Bride de Gala in black and in pink and also a few other patterns in that size. I love to combine them with a classic white button down shirt and fold them mostly as a band tied a double knot to the front, side or also back.

    Kind regards, Simone


    1. Dear Simone, welcome to my blog!
      Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. I totally agree with you. Hermes scarves look best paired with a simple white shirt. It just can’t be wrong! I own a number of pochettes and wear them quite often. My next will be about my new Hermes pochette from the FW2016 collection. So, stay tuned and visit my blog again in a week. Best wishes from Sweden, Irina


  2. Simone

    Dear Irina,

    oh that sounds fantastic, can´t wait to see it! Which other patterns of your pochettes to do have and how do you like to fold and wear them?

    A white shirt is a super classic and always delivers a classy, feminine look, even if it is paired with blue jeans! Then I sometimes like to wear the white shirt with a double knot, how do you think about that look?

    Kind regards,

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  3. Hello Simone,

    I own the following designs of pochettes: Festival des Amazons, Panthera Pardus, Bateau Fleuri, Calvacadour, Faune Lettre, Madame et Monsieur and finally the one from the new FW 2016 collection (I will reveal the name soon). When it comes to pochettes I prefer to wear them in a cowboy knot or small gaucho knot. I really like the idea of wearing an Hermes scarf with a pair of blue jeans with a white shirt for a casual and refreshing look, especially if the scarf is brown or tan brown. The combination of white, blue and brown is absolutely fantastic!
    Have a lovely evening, dear.

    Best wishes,



  4. Simone

    Hello Irina,

    that are so pretty patterns of Hermes, I know some of them and I am curious to see the new pochette!

    So, I am really happy to share some views about elegant dressing and it seems our styles are similar, classic, timeless and elegant. Apropos white blouse and jeans: I thought to of course wear the white blouse buttoned and leave only the very lower end with a small knot, so that it gives just a small touch of youthful esprit. I love te combination of a classic white button down with blue jeans and a Hermes scarf and I will try to combine a brown pochette with it!

    Many thanks for your thoughts, have a nice evening too and kind regards,

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  5. You are very welcome, dear Simone! I am always glad to get in touch with fellow Hermes fans! Do you know you can follow my blog via email? You can subscribe to news letters, if you are interested. Can’t wait to share some pictures of my new gavroche with you. It is gorgeous! Have a lovely evening! Best, Irina


  6. Simone

    Dear Irina,

    yes, now I have subscribed to our blog, many thanks for guiding me!

    How do you think about the recent fashion of wearing scarves as chokers? It does look like a stewardess a little, but I always liked that look. I own a few cotton scarves 50×50 of premium designers such as Celine and the look nice like this I think.

    Kind regards,

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  7. Dear Simone, I love the idea of wearing a scarf as a choker. I was once considering buying a thin, delicate, black YSL scarf for this purpose. I think it is a simple way of addicting something cool to your outfit. Have lovely weekend! Best wishes, Irina


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