Une Rose by Frederic Malle

Yesterday was the Mother’s Day in Sweden. Normally we do not celebrate this holiday in our family but this time we made a small exception. My husband and children surprised me with a small unexpected present – a perfume Une Rose by Frederic Malle.

If you are looking for a true fragrance of roses, you definitely need to try Une Rose. When I wear this fragrance I feel as if I am walking around in a beautiful rose garden after a rain when the ground underneath is still damp. The roses are very realistic, tender, delicate with the drops of rain on the leaves. The fragrance composition includes the notes of pelargonium, rose, wine, truffle and honey. It is a romantic, sensual and simply beautiful fragrance for women, first released in 2003. Perfumer: Edouard Flechier.

Une Rose, Frederic Malle, fragrance, духи, Фредрик Малль, Роза

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