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La Comedie Italienne by Philippe Ledoux

La Comedie Italienne by Philippe Ledoux has always been one of the most sought-after designs for me. It is a very rare scarf from Hermes and is considered being grail by many scarf collectors. The scarf is made of beautiful jacquard silk with a pretty guitar pattern, a material which is rarely used by Hermes. It was first issued in 1962 and reissued in 1993. The details of La Comedie Italienne are very rich but at the same time very feminine and delicate, depicting the scenes from Commedia dell’arte, a type of comedie developed in 16th and 17thcentury in Italy. La Comedie Italienne is available in two different…

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The Autumn Looks

Autumn is a dark and rainy season in Sweden. In those rare moments, when the weather gets better one realize how exceptionally beautiful the Swedish nature is with its bright colors and warm shades. The beautiful Swedish nature is also a great source of inspiration for me when it comes to choice of colors for my outfits. Autumn is also an excellent opportunity to wear elegant hats, cosy cashmere sweaters and colorful coats.  The outfits below were inspired by the beauty of the Swedish Autumn with grey, blue, khaki, black, beige, yellow and brown as dominant colors. I hope you enjoy the looks.  Have a cosy Autumn weekend everyone!