1. muriel @miss_beluga

    I love this kind of outfits smart, simple, casual and femine. Evry women at 20 30 40 something can imagine wearing a carré in daily basis. This is my kind of look simple outfit with this magical twist 😍.
    Thank for sharing your way Irina xoxoxo


    1. I totally agree with you! An Hermes carre makes any look special!


  2. myriam

    Tres chic et très simple j’adore Je suis en vacances jusqu’au 1 er septembre c’est pour sa que je suis moins présente je vous embrasse chère Irina a bientôt Myriam


    1. Thank you so much for your compliment! Have a lovely vacation, dear!


  3. I was just showing a friend my old black go-to dress. It is the simplest and possibly one of the least expensive dresses I own BUT accessorized with an Hermes carre, it morphs into something altogether new and beautiful.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Dear Carre de Paris, thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. I would dare to say that an Hermes carre can even make a
    potato sack look pretty. Have a lovely weekend! Irina


  5. Duane Anderson

    This Lady is so pretty and a great scarf model.
    Rock on


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