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My First Hermes Scarf – Pelages et Camouflage by Aline Honore

Pelages et Camouflage is the first Hermes scarf I bought. I remember looking through different designs and color ways trying to choose the one which would work well with my wardrobe colors, as well as skin tone, hair and eye colors. Finally, after much deliberation, I chose this beautiful design Pelages et Camouflage in red, violet and brown designed by the famous Hermes designer Aline Honore. As it is seen on the pictures below, the design Pelages et Camouflage (translated to English as Furs and Camouflage) features a patchwork of animal skins framed by beads of pearls. It is one of many beautiful designs created by Aline…

Maison Michel, Henrietta, camel, hat, Burberry coat, beige, шляпа, Мэзон Мишель, пальто Барберри

Maison Michel’s Henrietta in light camel

I am absolutely in love with my new Maison Michel hat in light camel color. The color is very versatile and goes well with blue, black, green or beige. The hat suits perfectly to my spring outfit inspired by the beauty of the awakening Swedish nature, wearing the most beautiful colors. Maison Michel’s light camel Henrietta hat will bring a classically elegant touch to any springtime outfit. My Burberry bag in the stunning shade of green so beautifully matched my spring ensemble.