Hermes Au Pays des Oiseaux Fleurs

The Au Pays des Oiseaux Fleurs gavroche designed by Christine Henry is the latest addition to my Hermes collection. It is a beautiful design inspired by the interconnections between flora and fauna. In the bright navy, red and orange color way it is a perfect piece of accessory for the Indian summer. Below you will find some ideas for putting together an elegant outfit with the Hermes Au Pays des Oiseaux Fleurs gavroche. And what is your favorite way of wearing a gavroche?

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Hermes Panthera Pardus by Robert Dallet

The minute I saw this gavroche on the Hermes website I knew it had to be mine. The Panthera Pardus design is available in three different sizes and comes in a solid variety of color ways. I have chosen the gavroche (pocket square) size of the design in cream/brown/ green colors which matches perfectly with my other wardrobe pieces and works very well with my skin, eye and hair colors. Wearing Hermes Panthera Pardus with a brown top in a basic slide knot. Wearing the same gavroche with a cream top and in a cowboy knot. I was very surprised to see how beautifully this gavroche matched with…

Hermes, Bateau Fleuri, pochette, gavroche, little gaucho knot, эрмес, платок, карре, как красиво завязать платок

The Bateau Fleuri gavroche by Hermes

If you could only imagine how much I like the Bateau Fleuri gavroche in turquoise/marine/lavande. When I first saw the design in this color way, I knew it had to be mine. I love so much about this gavroche, especially how the blues really pop. I think this color way looks particularly beautiful paired with a white crisp shirt, like on the pictures below. Wearing the Bateau Fleuri gavroche tied in a little gaucho knot. The same gavroche in a double twist knot. The Bateau Fleuri gavroche tied in a cowboy knot. The gavroche seems to match perfectly my blue Hydrangea….