Hermes enamel bracelets

It has been a long time since my last post, I know. Now I have finally time to share with you some pictures of my latest passion – Hermes enamel bracelets! The Hermes enamel bracelet is an iconic jewelry in the fashion world and you can often see celebrities wearing them. The bracelets are elegant, timeless, and instantly make a statement. The enamel bracelets come in three different thicknesses. Narrow, wide and extra wide. Since I have a small wrist, I decided to go for the narrow model called Hermes Clic H. Hermes has been producing the enamel bracelets in very many years, releasing each season some new colors. The…

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Parures de Samurais by Aline Honore

The Parures de Samurais was designed by the famous Aline Honore for the house of Hermes. Pelages et Camouflage, Au Coeur de la Vie, Cent Plis des Miao are some of the designs created by this talented designer. Aline Honore’s designs are always very popular and I will not be surprised if even Parures de Samurais will get the grail status in the future. As described on the website of Hermes, the Parures de Samurais design was inspired by the samurai warriors of medieval Japan who had richly ornamented armour. Fourteen such elements from the 14th to the 18th century can be found in this composition designed by Aline Honore. At…

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Carre en Boucles by Virginie Jamin

Today I would like to share the details of my new Carre en Boucles pocket square by Virginie Jamin. The pocket square is from the SS 2017 collection, cw 16 in orange/ivory/green. Enjoy! Hermes windows at Sloane street in London. The look inspired by the window displays… Have a lovely weekend everyone!