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Chemins de Corail by Annie Faivre

I am very happy to share some pictures of my new Hermes scarf Chemins de Corail from the Fall/Winter 2016 collection. The scarf was designed by Annie Faivre and translates from French as “Coral Paths”. The Chemins de Corail scarf is absolutely adorable in bright orange, emerald and golden yellow colors (Hermes reference number H002207S 15). Even though this scarf comes from the Fall/Winter collection, in my view it can be worn any season of the year. According to when working with this design Annie Faivre was inspired by her childhood memories from Africa, which is known for its beautiful, diverse coral reefs. Corals are the…

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Neutral Outfits

This time I would like to show you two neutral outfits using one of the most neutral scarves in my closet – Hermes Zenobie, Reine de Palmyre in pearl gray, green and beige. Even though I do not wear neutral colors often, the design and the color way were too pretty to resist. Wearing Hermes Zenobie, Reine de Palmyre as pony tail holder. Neutrals are an important part of any woman’s closet since they are always appropriate. Wearing neutrals is also the easiest way to look elegant without looking overdressed. My Chloe Marcie mini in pearl grey matches perfectly with my neutral outfit. Neutrals are very easy to…

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Hermes Brazil Maxi Twilly

It is hard to find a scarf which would be as versatile as an Hermes Maxi Twilly! The generous size of it, beautiful colors and designs make this scarf a must in any fashionista’s wardrobe. I own three Maxi Twillies – two in the Brazil design (a classic black/khaki/gold one and a bright red/purple/green one) and the third one in the Brides de Gala design in duck/navy/steel grey – and I simply love all of  them. Maxi Twilly is a very special scarf, which is extremely easy to use and absolutely gorgeous. There is such a great variety of ways to wear it – as a headband, as a stylish…

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My Italian Look

Italy has long been one of my family’s favorite travel destinations and there are several reasons for that. It is such a beautiful country with wonderfully kind people. Whenever we visit Italy we feel welcome and at home. Italy is a great food destination, where every dish seems to be made with time and passion. Italy is also a great style destination. In a country where police uniforms are designed by the famous Armani brand, one shall not be surprised that the art of dressing is taken very seriously. Unfortunately this year my family will not be able to travel to Italy. That…

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Maison Michel’s Henrietta in light camel

I am absolutely in love with my new Maison Michel hat in light camel color. The color is very versatile and goes well with blue, black, green or beige. The hat suits perfectly to my spring outfit inspired by the beauty of the awakening Swedish nature, wearing the most beautiful colors. Maison Michel’s light camel Henrietta hat will bring a classically elegant touch to any springtime outfit. My Burberry bag in the stunning shade of green so beautifully matched my spring ensemble.

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Hermes shawl and Maison Michel hat

The weather in Sweden has been rather warm during the passed two days so we took a chance and went out for a long walk around a lake near our home. That was also an opportunity for me to wear my new Hermes cashmere shawl, which went very well with my navy Maison Michel Henrietta hat. I am a great fan of this fashion brand and own three hats designed by Maison Michel. The brand was founded in 1936 and is now owned by Chanel. I get lots of compliments when I wear my Maison Michel hats. The hats created by this brand…